Intel to unveil Westmere next week


Intel is set to show off its Westmere processor, based on a 32 nanometre manufacturing process, next week at its Intel Developers Forum in San Francisco.

The three day event which IT PRO will be attending will see Intel unveil its 32nm process as well as its system on a chip (SoC) technology. Intel said the 32nm CPU process had been certified, with Westmere in production for sales in the fourth quarter, well ahead of rival AMD.

Intel's vice president for digital enterprise Steve Smith said in a conference call that 32nm was "well on track."

Following up on the recent release of Lynnfield for desktops, Intel will also talk about what's next for the 45nm Nehalem architecture, with Clarksfield bringing the architecture to laptops, and Jasper Forrest taking it to embedded devices, communications and storage in early 2010.

"Moore's law allows us to continue to innovate," said Smith, adding that "contrary to some reports that Moore's Law is ending," Intel had products in the pipeline to prove otherwise.