Staying connected cuts stress for tech addicts

happy tech users

That co-worker obsessively checking his BlackBerry may seem stressed, but he might actually be relaxing.

That's the latest theory about how tech affects our lives, this time according to a new report from Virgin Media whose bottom line would certainly not be stressed if we all stayed connected all of the time.

According to the report, two thirds of the UK wants to be connected to technology in some way all of the time, with 35 per cent of us seeing a reduction in stress when we're logged on.

Apparently, we get stressed out when we can't have instant access to our family, friends and work, and become anxious when we can't count on technology to help us figure out where we're going, connect with a potential mate, or find a bargain.

The Future Laboratory researchers who conducted the study dubbed such people "SOSOs" switch on to switch off and noted that many are stay-at-home parents.

"SOSOs know that, even if they wish to take some time out, the modern world will continue without them," said psychologist Nik Simpson in a statement.

"At any moment, an urgent email may ping into an inbox, a client may call, an old friend may get in touch via Facebook or a family member may want to get in touch," he added. "Therefore, to disconnect from technology may mean missing something we cannot afford to. Always being connected actually becomes increasingly essential for peace of mind, further reinforcing SOSO values."