Snow Leopard bug is eating user data

man with head on a laptop

A bug in Snow Leopard is deleting people's data from their home folders, according to reports.

Apple user forums have been inundated with messages saying that Snow Leopard has been wiping out their home directories when a user logs into a guest account.

After they logged back into the home account, it is believed that Snow Leopard wiped the contents of their home directory, such as documents, music and files.

A US poster called Adam Strock said on a forum post: "This just happened to me. My home folder was completely wiped after logging into Guest Account and then into my normal account.

"I am going to attempt to restore my files with Time Machine when I get home from work. This is an incredibly, inconvenient real bug that needs to be fixed immediately."

Apple wouldn't confirm the bug or the timeline for the fix to IT PRO, but our sister title PC Pro reports that Apple said: "We are aware of the issue, which occurs only in extremely rare cases, and we are working on a fix."