Photos: MoD unveils latest high-tech gadgets

The Ministry of Defence has shown off its latest gadgets, designed to make soldiers' jobs easier and safer.

The Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) display in Bristol featured three new pieces of kit. The first was a tiny robot with real-time cameras, which can be chucked inside a building to give soldiers a better view.

The second device is a tiny remote-controlled helicopter, which sends surveillance images back to a monitor worn on a watch or special goggles. Third, the MoD showed off new thermal weapon sights.

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The head of technology at DE&S Major General Alan Macklin said: "It is vital that UK forces keep their technological edge on the battlefield."

He said the MoD works with industry to create the most innovative gadgetry for soldiers and others on the front line. "Keeping the technological edge is critical to campaign success and by focusing investment on new and novel technologies we can ensure we keep ahead of the threat," he added in a statement.

"If you look at the equipment soldiers are using today compared to five years ago, it is completely different and that is down to us investing in innovation and developing technology for military use," he noted.

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