ITU backs micro USB as standard charger

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The International Telecoms Union has approved the use of micro USB chargers as the standard for mobile phones.

Standardising mobile phone charges has long been in the works, with mobile manufacturers agreeing to the idea in principle at Mobile World Congress earlier this year.

It's seen as a way of saving users from the hassle of finding the right cord to recharge their handsets and a way to stop old chargers from having to be manufactured or end up in landfillls.

The chargers will use a micro USB interface, and also have a four-star efficiency rating.

Now, the ITU has approved the so-called Universal Charging Solution (UCS), as part of its work toward using ICT to help fight climate change.

"This is a significant step in reducing the environmental impact of mobile charging, which also has the benefit of making mobile phone use more straightforward," said ITU's director of standardisation Malcolm Johnson in a statement.

"Universal chargers are a commonsense solution that I look forward to seeing in other areas," he said.

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