Shure SE530 earphones review

In spite of their look, a little brash with its petrol-like finish and voluptuous curves, the SE530 earphones are like elder statesmen of the headphone scene. They're natural, refined and infinitely sophisticated.

Cable build quality is excellent too. The cable itself is unusually thick and splits in two with a 3.5mm jack connection, which is always a good idea when it's so common for earphones to pack up when the jack that connects with your phone or MP3 player goes a tad wonky.

Still, we can't quite get over the price point. At almost 400, the Shure SE530s are approaching the price point of the fully custom-built ACS T2 earphones, and when they don't trump contenders selling at half the price on all fronts, we seriously recommend you try and get an audition of the Shure SE530s before buying. They sound undoubtedly great, but some users may miss its lack of treble clarity, as well as that hole in their bank balance.