Xobni moves to enterprise with new release

Xobni logo

A new edition of Outlook add-on Xobni is bringing in some enterprise-friendly features.

Xobni is a free add-on that brings better organisation and search to Microsoft Outlook's calendar and email as well as integrating social networking sites. It claims it saves the average user as much as half an hour a week.

The new service, Xobni Enterprise, can be managed and deployed by IT departments alongside Outlook. It includes extensions for Salesforce, SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics, and has a framework to create specialised extensions for intranets and other internal company data.

Xobni Enterprise includes a web-based portal to manage profiles and extensions, and a software development kit (SDK) so companies can develop their own. It's already integrated with SharePoint and Salesforce, and can use LDAP and Active Directory services, too. Xobni will be also offering enterprise-grade support.

"Xobni is used by employees in 80 per cent of Fortune 500 companies," said chief executive Jeff Bonforte in a statement. "With Xobni Enterprise, companies of all sizes can dramatically increase the productivity of their workforces."

Alongside the Enterprise offering, Xobni announced it was teaming up with consulting companies and managed service providers to make the service available to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) through hosted email and SharePoint systems.

Xobni Enterprise is available now, with pricing starting from $30 per user, with volume discounts available.