Is Outlook down? Microsoft confirms disruption in email client and Teams

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Microsoft customers in Europe have complained that both the Teams and Outlook platforms are down as users start their working day. 

Users of the sysadmin subreddit have queried whether both platforms are working optimally this morning, with some noting that portals are failing to load and reporting that Exchange Online is “extremely slow”. 

This issue appears to be affecting mainly European-based customers, with one user reporting that German admin teams are experiencing “no incoming or outgoing emails” for the Outlook service. 

Others reported that their teams called ‘dropped’ mid-call. 


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Allestorungen, the European equivalent of Downdetector, shows a flurry of outage reports this morning for users. 

At present, UK-based users have not reported any widespread issues. However, Downdetector shows that some are reporting difficulties. 

Microsoft's own service update portal also shows that Teams and Outlook are down for selected users. 

Microsoft said the current issue is causing duplication of users’ contact lists, and is due to a syncing problem between Teams and Outlook. 

“The issue only impacts users who synced their personal account device contacts with Microsoft Teams,” the company said in its status update. 

“New syncs are no longer resulting in duplicate contacts since we’ve implemented the long-term fix.”

Microsoft revealed that a workaround is available for Outlook and Teams users, however. This can be done by following these steps:

  • Visiting the Teams app on your mobile device (iOS or Android).   
  • Clicking on the Profile Icon Home and navigate to Settings and People. 
  • Turn off Sync using the “Sync my device contacts” toggle  
  • Device contacts in Outlook will then be automatically deleted within a few days

The outage marks the second incident in as many weeks for Microsoft 365 customers. In early June, thousands of users across Europe were left without access to Microsoft Teams due to an outage that severely disrupted communications for a host of companies. 

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