Google Chrome for Mac to arrive in December?

Google Chrome

Google Chrome could finally be coming to Macs by mid-December, if a note on a Google Group is to be believed.

Google's Chrome browser has hit beta for version four for Windows PCs, but still hasn't been made available to Apple or Linux users in anything other than early builds - and the firm has warned only developers should download them.

That could be set to change, according to a comment regarding extensions development. In a Google Group for Chromium extensions, Nick Baum encouraged testers to switch to Linux or Windows versions of the browser to test BrowserActions.

"Why make the switch now? The earlier you switch, the more time you will have to polish your experience for our Beta launch in early December. We realise this means dropping Mac support for a couple of weeks, but we already have people working on that," he wrote, suggesting the Mac version is set to have the latest features.

But it wasn't clear if it would arrive in December or just "soon", as Baum added: "If you prioritise the Windows and Linux versions, we'll bring you cross-platform parity as soon as we can!"

Earlier this year, Google said Chrome for Linux and Mac would arrive in early 2010, but a Google spokesman wouldn't comment on the latest news.

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