Nokia cuts hundreds of R&D roles

Nokia phone

Nokia has said it will cut 330 jobs in its research and development operations, about two per cent of its total workforce in that area.

Of those cuts, 230 will come from Nokia's site at Oulu, Finland, with the other 100 hitting its Copenhagen, Denmark facility. The sites will not shut down, as they have 2,000 and 1,000 staff respectively, with 17,000 working in R&D around the world.

In a statement on its website, the handset maker said: "Nokia plans to align its research and development operations in Finland and Denmark to be in line with the company's focused portfolio of future products."

Nokia said it would look to find alternative jobs for the workers inside the firm.

Earlier this year, Nokia slashed 1,700 jobs around the world, including many in the UK. It also cut production at one plant, putting 30 per cent of staff out of work on a rotational basis.