Lifestreaming and the digital you

Indeed, the ubiquitous nature of the internet means that as a brand anyone can discover you at any time and this has swiftly turned the web social.

In Allison's, case she cleverly used a horizontal scroll to make her collection of photos, videos and posts to seem like a timeline of events, promoting the idea of a lifestream and helping to build her personal brand in the process.

Julia Allison's site


Posterous is one such piece of software that has brought the blogging genre on a peg or two and offers a different take on this.

Users can quickly and easily create a blog and associated posts by simply emailing in their content without having to worry about coding or setting anything up brilliant for technophobes who want to give it a go.

They can then automatically update followers on Facebook, Friendfeed and Twitter and the like with headlines, a picture and a link to whatever they post. It's another nice option on the lifestreaming side of things that allows users to track images, videos and posts both on Posterous and other sites too.


Social bridging

Of course, identity online is very important and one of the particular problems with the social web which can prove both intimidating and time consuming to users is trying to maintain a presence on various sites when lifestreaming.