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Reviews round-up: Google Chrome OS examined

We take TomTom’s iPhone app and car kit for a spin, make Firefox and IE face off, and admire Sony’s new 52in digital signage display.

chorme apps

Network Instruments Observer Suite 14

Fifteen years is a long time in IT, so it's impressive that this software monitoring tool from Network Instruments has managed to not only stay the course, but also stay at the top of its game. Dave Mitchell takes a look at what sets it apart from the crowd.

TomTom for iPhone with car kit

The combination of iPhone and TomTom should make for the perfect portable navigation solution. But iPhone users had to wait a long time for a TomTom app to reach the market, and even longer for the car-kit. Now they're here, do they live up to the expectations?

Head to head: Firefox vs Internet Explorer

We like a fight at IT PRO, so we lined up another head-to-head battle and this time it's a browser war. We pitch market leader Internet Explorer, against its next biggest rival Firefox to see which one has the edge.

Sony GXD-L52H1: Professional display

Digital signage is an important market as it's a valuable opportunity to make an impression on your customers. John Archer takes on Sony's latest beast the 52in L52H1 and finds that, while it offers a lot in terms of features, it still falls a little short.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

Unless you're an IT manager, the intricacies of email servers might not be of concern but for end users Exchange 2010 does bring some tangible benefits. And if you are an IT manager there's much of interest here, even if the changes aren't as great as with the last version.

Google Chrome OS: First Look

Google has a constant flow of innovations, but coming out with a operating system has to be its biggest play since it revolutionised search. It might be a year away from becoming officially available, but Google has released the source code, so we've taken the opportunity to look at a compiled version. Should Microsoft be worried?

Canon Imageformula P-150

Is this the coolest scanner in the world? There's probably not a lot of competition in this area, but the Canon ImageFormula P-150 has to be the top contender. When folded up, it's remarkably compact and looks good in glossy black plastic, and when opened up it eats up scans at a fair lick.

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