Photos: Most expensive iPhone and other luxury handsets

Once an exclusive and expensive device, the iPhone is set to go on sale at Tesco, taking it about as mainstream as a handset can get.

But that doesn't mean iPhones are no longer a cause of envy. Liverpool designer Simon Hughes has unveiled the iPhone 3GS Supreme, coated in 22 carat gold and nearly 200 diamonds - including a seven carat stunner as the navigation button.

Hughes told the Telegraph: "The iPhone is the phone with the most tricks on the market.What possibly could we do to trick it up more? Bless it with the finest precious metal and jewels."

While owning that 1.92 million handset would put a smile on the face of even Apple haters, luxury phones aren't anything new. Click here (or on Gallery above) for more diamond-encrusted ways to pick up your calls.

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