Fifth of businesses not happy with their broadband

phone and laptop

As broadband becomes more and more important to UK businesses, issues like poor connectivity are becoming even more critical, according to a report from Ofcom.

The research showed that nine out of 10 small businesses with over five employees depended on their internet connection, but 23 per cent were frustrated by their connection's reliability, and 15 per cent thought it was too slow.

Another 15 per cent weren't satisfied with the reliability of their mobile broadband connections.

The results aren't too surprising given one in six small businesses are still using dial-up or ISDN.

A third of business users have a smartphone, with the number jumping to 46 per cent in London.

Business handsets make up 18 per cent of the total number of mobile SIMs, but create 45 per cent of mobile revenue.

"Ofcom's research highlights the critical importance of telecoms to UK business," Ofcom's chief executive, Ed Richards, said in statement. "Our research points to important opportunities for industry to respond more effectively to the telecoms needs of businesses."