Week in Review: Windows Mobile 7 delayed again

Week in Review

More delays hit Windows Mobile 7

Microsoft still can't seem to make up it mind as to when Windows Mobile 7 will be released but it is clearly later than originally planned.

This week Microsoft UK's head of mobility, Phil Moore, said that the release had been put back until late 2010 just a few weeks after Microsoft Office vice president Kurt Delbene claimed it would be released in March.

It seems that fans of Microsoft's mobile operating systems will have to put up with Windows Mobile 6.5 for a bit longer.

Obama puts up the bucks for broadband

Investment by the US Government in broadband infrastructure has been in the pipeline for sometime but now it has come to fruition with the announcement this week of $2 billion going towards national schemes.

The investment will see 18 broadband projects across 17 states and is just the first section of a $7.2 billion budget to bring broadband to unserved or underserved US communities.

Vice President Joe Biden's chief economist also said the Government expects the schemes to provide tens of thousands of jobs which will be a great boost in this difficult economic situation.

EU decides on browser ballot

After months of deliberating, the European Commission and rival firm Opera have decided that Microsoft must advertise other browsers to keep competition fair.

Before Microsoft and simply been bundling in Internet Explorer with its operating systems but now it has been made law that a browser ballot scheme must be in place, advertising rival browsers for the consumer to chose from.

The law says the company will have to do this across Europe for the next five years.

Best of the rest

The Gary McKinnon saga continued this week as a protest was staged on Tuesday at the Home Office against his extradition.

More iPhone apps hit the news with The Guardian updating its offering for the popular smartphone as well as Amazon introducing the Kindle iPhone app to the UK. Whereas Android's Market reached the 20,000 app milestone.

And the European Commission decided it wanted to protect our ears by imposing compulsory volume restrictions to MP3 players sold in Europe.

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