AWS makes Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus generally available

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced the general availability of its fully managed monitoring service: Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus.

Prometheus, an open source toolkit for system monitoring and alerting, offers customers the ability to store critical metrics from containerized applications and set up alerts for potential errors.

Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus helps businesses monitor and analyze containerized applications using familiar Prometheus Query Language (PromQL) and time-series data models. The solution dynamically scales the infrastructure required to ingest, store, and query operational metrics from containerized applications.

Furthermore, Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus integrates with AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) and AWS CloudTrail, simplifying data access control and auditing. The service is also free of upfront fees, and customers only pay for the operational metrics they ingest, store, and query.

“Customers love Prometheus because it is purpose-built to handle the needs of containerized applications, but they find it difficult and time-consuming to manage and run Prometheus at scale themselves,” said Nandini Ramani, VP of monitoring and observability at AWS.

Ramani added, “With Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus, customers have access to a scalable, secure, and highly available monitoring service that is optimized for containerized applications running on AWS and on-premises. Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus eliminates the undifferentiated heavy lifting of running Prometheus, so customers can focus on building modern applications that help them deliver new, innovative experiences to their end users.”

AWS offers its managed service for Prometheus in Ohio, North Virginia, Oregon, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Ireland, and Stockholm. Support for additional regions will follow soon.

eTF1 head of infrastructure Ali Oubaziz said, “Initially, we self-hosted Prometheus across multiple AWS accounts to monitor our Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service workloads, but it was hard maintaining a highly available and performant monitoring environment.”

“Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus is now our primary metrics monitoring platform, allowing us to monitor all our containerized workloads at scale—even during peak TV viewing times when monitoring demands are the highest. By switching to Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus, we can focus on keeping our customers happy with an engaging OTT TV service in France."