Intel unveils Pine Trail for netbooks

Intel's Pine Trail

Intel has unveiled Pine Trail, its next generation of Atom processors for notebooks.

Produced on the same 45nm scale as previous Atom processors, Intel said one of the "most significant" aspects of the new processors is that the memory controller and graphics are integrated into the CPU - which the chipmaker said was a "first in the industry on x-86 chips".

The integration has cut the chipset's size by 60 per cent, which could lead to smaller netbooks, Intel noted.

Intel said the new lineup would cut power user by 20 per cent over the last version, boosting battery life in netbooks.

Intel said netbooks with the new Atom will hit shelves on 4 January, with it set to eventually arrive on over 80 devices from Asus, Acer, Dell and more.

The lineup includes the single-core N450 for netbooks, as well as the single-core D410 and dual core D510 for "entry-level" desktops.

Mooly Eden, Intel corporate vice president, said in a statement: "We're excited to be delivering the next-generation Atom platform and working across the industry as we head into a second phase of growth, powering innovative new system designs with better performance, smaller footprints and better battery life."