Q&A: Vodafone’s Peter Kelly on the iPhone for business

It's been very interesting... I can't give you the hard figures, but suffice to say we have had multiple hundreds of thousands of pre-registrations, which is good news. Those volumes are higher than any other device launch we've had for the past couple of years, which gives you a sense of the level of interest in the marketplace of specifically getting an iPhone on the Vodafone network.

It has been available through other operators like O2 and Orange, but to get this level of pre-registration is huge.

At the moment it's about 80 per cent consumer and 20 per cent enterprise. What is interesting in the enterprise space is that they come from all segments. I would have naturally assumed it would have been all what you call small businesses, but in fact we have registrations from small and medium businesses, large corporates, and also public sector individuals and company decision makers who have registered interest in the iPhone.

How does this fit into Vodafone's wider strategy for businesses?

[It's] one important step in delivering a range of services to the enterprise...I think the Apple iPhone capability just broadens that appeal and will ultimately drive more mobile applications and more mobile value to all forms of customer.

How do we plan to take that to market? As we move to the small business sector, our indirect channel partners are very important to us. In fact, very uniquely, on day one of we will be also selling the product through 20 of our premier and gold partners.

Typically when an operator takes an iPhone to market, they do it very much through their direct channel of online or telesales or retail, and we are going through those channels, but in addition Vodafone will also be launching through our 20 most significant partners with more partners to follow as we go through February and March.

That's a demonstration of Apple's confidence in Vodafone to absolutely penetrate the small business, medium business and large business segments.