Amazon Kindle DX won't come cheap in UK

Amazon Kindle DX

Online retail giant Amazon has announced it will start shipping its larger-screened Kindle DX e-reader internationally.

As of January 19, the Kindle DX with Global Wireless and its 9.7in screen will be available to order in more than 100 countries outside the US.

However, as with the smaller 6in Kindle International Edition, you have to order and pay for it on Amazon's US site, then supply your own local plug once the device arrives.

Amazon is remaining tight-lipped about the possibility of localised sales points being set up. At present, the centralised US store takes care of import duties, shipping and handling costs to Kindle customers outside the US.

For UK customers, these associated costs means the Kindle DX will cost a whopping $599.23 (375) by the time it comes to checkout.

In addition, any magazine and newspaper content ported to Kindles outside the US, regardless of its origin, do not include images to keep file transfer sizes to a minimum.

The Kindle DX with Global Wireless comes with 3.3GB of built-in memory, enough for 3,500 books according to Amazon. The retailer says it has about 300,000 electronic books available for purchase internationally for Kindle devices.

It retails for $489 (305), and can be pre-ordered now ahead of the first units being sent out on the 19th. The 6in Kindle International Edition was launched in October and costs $259 (162), with Amazon claiming it was the most wished for and gifted item internationally over Christmas.