Vexia Econav 380 UK/Ireland review

Looking after planet earth is high on the agenda for individuals and businesses alike. We review the Vexia Econav 380 to see if ticks both the navigation and green boxes.

Finally, the screen, sound and general performance simply aren't up to scratch. We found the coating on the screen produced a terrible amount of glare. Add too much much sun to the mix and it's difficult to see. The volume of the speaker, even when set to maximum, isn't loud enough to overcome road noise and wind roar in noisy cabins. And the Vexia also has trouble picking up satellites quickly from cold, taking minutes at the start of each journey booting and establishing a signal lock.

A final irritation concerns the next small next turning icons, which appear in a bar at the bottom of the screen - they've clearly not been Anglicised, with roundabout icons pointing the wrong way around junctions.

So, even if the Econav 380's fuel saving features worked flawlessly and worked for everyone, the weakness of the rest of the package mean you'd have to be a seriously inefficient driver to justify splashing out. And with the UK and Ireland version costing 150 and the European model 180, it's more than a little overpriced too.


An interesting concept, but in practice you're better off learning how to drive more efficiently and buying a better Satnav.

3.5in, 320 x 240 resolution screen 500MHz CPU Micro-SD card reader Suction windscreen mount and car power lead 97 x 73 x 13mm (WHD) 112g