Week in Review: Apple unveils the iPad

Week in Review

Apple's iPad revealed

The dominating story of the week has to go to Steve Jobs as after months of rumours and speculation, Apple finally revealed its tablet device on Wednesday. It's been interestingly named the iPad.

Yet all the excitement may have to be put on hold as Fujitsu confirmed to IT PRO today it was looking into taking the fruity company to court over the name, which it has been using since 2002 for one of its own products.

Either way UK users won't be able to get their hands on the device until March and only US prices have been released so far so expect to be hearing more on this device over the coming months.

Oracle basking in the Sun

It may have been one of the longest acquisition processes of all time and been slightly overshadowed by Apple, but Wednesday finally saw Oracle becoming the official owners of Sun Microsystems.

It has been a long process with the EU taking its time to decide the deal would be fair on competition and a strong campaign to try and stop it going through but Larry Ellison won out in the end and is now planning the company's future.

The results are in

It's been a busy week of results from across the tech industry as that time of year for reporting the highs and lows of the last quarter has come round again.

Microsoft saw its revenues rise to a hefty $19.02 billion thanks to the release of Windows 7 in October last year. The company claimed to have sold over 60 million licences for the new operating system which helped income rise by a massive 60 per cent.

However, whilst Microsoft saw the highs, Motorola predicted the lows, blaming heavy spending in an attempt to bring out more smartphones for its upcoming losses.

Nokia bolstered the mobile industry though, reporting really strong results for the fourth quarter of 2009. The company broke all its expectations with a profit rise of 64 per cent, hitting 948 million (822 million).

The best of the rest

ID cards are set to hit the streets of London with a special push towards the youth of the nation's capital.

BSkyB won its five-year long court case against EDS, now owned by HP, for misleading them in a contract process for one of its customer help centres,

And sticking with Sky, the TV company is set to broadcast a football match in 3D across a selection of nine lucky UK pubs this weekend.

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