Cambridge City Council denies plan to buy Apple iPads


Cambridge City Council denied reports today that it planned to purchase 42 Apple iPads using a climate change budget contrary to dozens of articles circulating online and in newspapers this morning.

According to reports in the Metro and Telegraph, Cambridge City Council planned to purchase the devices to cut spending on paper usage. This morning's Metro said the council had "earmarked up to 29,400 of its 250,000 climate change budget' on 42 iPads."

The council disputed the claims, saying the spending budget was not being decided until 29 March. At this point, no plans or funds have been set aside for any device.

Despite a report in the Cambridge News quoting David Roberts, head of policy and projects at the council, as saying the iPad "is definitely a possibility," the council vehemently denied the Apple iPad was even the device being considered.

The council noted: "One option to be addressed by these proposals is the use of notebook and tablet devices as a way to reduce paper, printing and waster disposal costs associated with committee reports."