Week in numbers: Microsoft and Adobe hit by more bugs


Multiple bugs were discovered in Windows and Adobe, with Microsoft issuing 16 patches this week. Conversely, it was good news and big money this week for BT and Apple.

Two the number of critical Flash Player bugs Adobe revealed this week.

15 the percentage that mobile operators are expected to increase investments in broadband this year that translates to about $72 billion towards the technology, according to the GSM Association.

17 the number of years a kernel bug went unnoticed in all 32-bit versions of Windows since 1993.

$229 the approximate amount it costs Apple to produce its 16GB iPad tablet, according to an estimate from iSuppli. Actual retail price: $499.

Two million the number of iPhones O2 has sold in the UK.

Seven million the number of iPhone users that attempted to download Flash in December, according to Adobe.

One billion the number of Wi-Fi minutes' BT predicts users will spend online this year.