Toshiba Tecra A11 review

After our first look at the Tecra A11 at Toshiba’s 2010 press day, in this review we take an in-depth look at this new business notebook.

Toshiba Tecra A11

The A11 sports a virtually all black finish with a checked pattern on the lid and around the keyboard, which works well. There's nothing too exciting to distract the eye though, in keeping with its no-nonsense business marketing aims. The only real points of interest are the five buttons above the keyboard. One is the power button and two are volume up and down keys. We were surprised to find that there was no on-screen display for volume level and we have to say that while there was a decent level of loudness from the speakers located at the front, bass was noticeable by its absence.

The other buttons above the keyboard are a direct shortcut to the Windows 7 utility for outputting direct to an external display such as a second monitor or a projector handy for presentations. The final button launches Toshiba's custom Eco' utility, which presents a visual indication of power usage, and even lets you show power usage over time broken down into daily, weekly and monthly use should you be interested in such things.

Toshiba has also provided a number of its own applications rather than just relying on Windows 7 Professional. A hard disk protection utility is there to park the heads of the hard disk when vibration is detected and the sensitivity of this can be adjusted. Toshiba even provides a 3D viewer utility that displays the movement of the hard disk as you tilt the notebook, just so you can see that it's working.

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