CeBIT 2010: News from the show

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With nearly two dozen halls and thousands of attendees, CeBIT remains one of the big events on the IT calendar.

Read below for news from the show, and check back from more as the week progresses.

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The latest news from CeBIT:Cluug organises Windows with semantic desktopSkype tells networks to be nicer to appsVideo: Why Rooney need not fear robotsSkype tells networks to be nicer to appsBlog: Cloudy skies over CeBITThe computer that reads your mindCities need real-time dataBeware the cloud pretenders, says SalesforceIs enterprise software dead?Intel showcases 48-core PCModel IT after the iPhoneIBM unveils new eX5 server portfolioAmazon's top tips for cloud successGoogle defends information driveAmazon dispels cloud 'myths'Nokia unveils affordable C5 smartphone