Today in tech: Virgin gets high, Facebook threatens Daily Mail

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Virgin strings fibre on telegraph poles

Virgin Media is to trial running fibre broadband connections over telegraph poles, to give 50Mbps speeds to Woolhampton, Berkshire. If the test goes well, Virgin believes the service could give access to a million homes in the UK. IT PRO

Daily Mail backtracks on Facebook paedophiles

The tabloid newspaper has admitted a story that claimed a criminal investigator posing as a teenager girl on Facebook was hassled by pedophiles within minutes of joining wasn't entirely true. After a defamation complaint from Facebook, the Daily Mail admitted the story wasn't about Facebook, but an un-named rival social network. PC Pro

Street View covers the UK

Google's controversial photo mapping system has now snapped pictures of most of the UK's rural and urban roads, after rolling out to 25 cities last year. IT PRO

Job seekers get iPhone app

Jobcentres has unveiled its very own iPhone app, looking to make it easier for the unemployed - with fancy smartphones - to find a new job. Some 50 Jobcentre locations will also get new computers. BBC

Internet nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

The internet has been included in the 237 long list of nominees for the next Nobel Peace Prize, though there's no word on who would collect the prize if the net did indeed win. BBC