Today in tech: Happy 25th, dotcom

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Dotcom domain celebrates 25th birthday

It was 25 years ago today that a firm called Symbolics bought the first '.com' domain name. Another five firms followed that year, but it took until 1997 for a million to get their own '.com' domain. BBC

Google seems set to leave China

After making the threat in January, Google is set to make its move out of China over censorship and hacking issues, reports suggest. IT PRO

Digg gets overhauled

Social recommendation site Digg is up for a major update, including changes that would let pages be promoted without users logging into the site. There will also be a new leaderboard for the top "Diggers". PC Pro

Amazon users warned over phishing scam

Amazon customers are being warned about a new phishing scam that says their order has been cancelled and asks for their account details. Guardian