Samsung Lapfit LD220Z review

We review Samsung's Lapfit LD220Z to see if touch capabilities are really fit for business.

The stand that folds out form the back is very easy to adjust, giving you up to a 40 degree angle, and the grip on the base of the stand is a good idea too as it helps to keep the screen stable. The ports are well placed at the back. There's a Kensington lock point, which is welcome for securing something you might take to different locations. There's also a microphone socket and 3W stereo speakers. Not only is it very convenient having USB audio rather than needing yet another cable but the sound is very clear too, which is a big improvement over usually poor laptop sound on offer, especially on business laptops.

The monitor is also a USB hub: you can use the two ports for a mouse and keyboard or for connecting further screens

Touch for business

The screen is so bright because it uses an optical touch technology that doesn't need a layer that dims or blurs the screen. The touch functions work in Windows XP, Vista and 7 but only Windows 7 supports multitouch; to use touch you have to connect both the VGA or HDMI port and the USB port (USB and VGA cables are included but not HDMI).