Three announces cheapest UK iPad plans


Three has announced the cheapest Apple iPad data plans in the UK ahead of the device's launch here this week.

The mobile provider is offering a 1GB data plan for the iPad with Wi-Fi and 3G for 7.50 a month. For 15 a month, customers can get 10GB.

Furthermore, iPad customers who go for the Three deal will not be tied to a contract and will be able to opt in or out of a plan at any time.

"Our network, the largest in the country, has been optimised for the mobile internet, ensuring our customers enjoy the very best mobile performance on iPad," said Marc Allera, sales and marketing director at Three, in a statement.

Allera added that Three is offering "competitive data plans" and he is telling no lies. Looking at other deals from O2, Vodafone and Orange, it is clear that Three currently has the lead in terms of cost for data.

On the O2 network, 1GB will set iPad users back 10 a month in a recurring 30-day deal, while 3GB is priced at 15.

Vodafone is offering the same price as O2 for 1GB as well as 5GB for 25, with plans also rolling over every 30 days.

Orange has priced 3GB at 15 and 10GB at 25, although both of these plans come with unlimited browsing through Wi-Fi hotspots.

When IT PRO asked Three why it was able to offer better value than its competitors, all a spokesperson was able to say was that the company "has a pure 3G network which is the biggest in the UK and we are focused on bringing the benefits of the internet to people on the move".

Tom Brewster

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