Information commissioner’s name exploited in scam email

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A trickster has tried to swindle people of their money by sending out an email claiming to be from Information Commissioner Christopher Graham.

A spokesperson from the Information Commissioner's Office said in a statement that they were aware of an email circulating purportedly from Graham.

The message falsely suggested the information commissioner was from the European Law Enforcement Agency.

"Christopher Graham has never worked for the European Law Enforcement Agency and has not issued any letters asking individuals or organisations for money. If any individual or organisation receives such a message they should carefully consider the content for validity and then delete if appropriate," the spokesperson warned.

IT PRO has now seen the email and, given the quality of English in the letter, anyone fooled by it may need some lessons in web security.

The first line reads thus: "We will finally released your fund to your bank account immediately you provide your fund origin document, that will certified your fund as non criminal origin and non-terrorism fund."

According to the fake Christopher Graham, the cost of the "fund origin document", whatever that is, comes to 18,700 (15 867).

The address given out, 50 Queen Anne's Gate in London, is also not the one of the ICO or the European Law Enforcement Agency, which is actually based in the Netherlands.

Tom Brewster

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