Week in Review: The iPad cometh

Week in review

UK customers get their hands on the iPad

Today saw throngs of people queuing excitedly as Apple opened its stores and let UK customers get their hands on an iPad for the first time.

It has been a rocky road getting the tablet device from across the pond, with continued delays due to high US demand.

But now it is flying off the shelves internationally and causing quite a stir with techies everywhere.

McKinnon's hopes dashes again

With a new Government came new hope for the McKinnon family, as Home Secretary Theresa May granted the hacker a reprieve from extradition until she had reviewed the facts of the case.

However, this week saw Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Liberal Democrats, Nick Clegg, backtrack on previous promises to save McKinnon from facing trial in the US, saying the Government may not have the powers to stop it.

[a href="https://www.itpro.com/623755/q-a-janis-sharp-speaks-out-about-her-son-gary-mckinnon" target="_blank"]In an exclusive interview with IT PRO, McKinnon's mother Janis Sharp said she was nervous about his future and felt the coalition was his "only chance" of avoiding extradition.

Best of the rest...

Facebook has redesigned its privacy controls to try and quash fears about the safety of users' data on the social network.

BT has been grabbing the headlines too. Its chief executive has reportedly received a 1 million bonus and its staff may be preparing to strike.

HP lost ground to Acer in the mobile PC market but managed to snatch top spot in the server industry away from IBM.

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