Google Maps Navigation review

We try out Google Maps Navigation to see if the free voice-guided sat-nav from Google has what it takes to replace our incumbent GPS devices.

Google Maps Navigation

One of our favourite features during testing was that Google Maps Navigation supports voice searching and it actually works. For example, when we were out testing it in north London we simply said, "Navigate to local restaurants," and straight away, we got a list of all the restaurants in our immediate vicinity. From here, you can either use Google Maps Navigation as you would Google Maps a reference tool for when you're on foot or, and this is where it really comes into its own, select Get Driving Directions and really see what it can do.

Once you select Get Driving Directions you are presented with a choice: Navigate? And if you select Navigate, that's when things get impressive. The view switches to 3D satellite navigation, the route is laid out in front of you and you're taken turn-by-turn to your desired location.

Because Google Maps Navigation is essentially a free sat nav on your phone it could prove invaluable, both in your professional and personal life. For instance, if you have a meeting in a city you've never been to before you can load it up, type or tell it the address or postcode and you'll be guided by the sensual robotic tones of the built-in navigator voice to that exact spot.