The best free people search sites for 2024

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Choosing the best free people search platform is the most cost-efficient way to find someone on the internet, despite there being a variety of other tools that do the same job. 

These platforms have many purposes, such as reconnecting with past friends, though they are particularly effective for employers who wish to confirm the identity or qualifications of a prospective staff member. 

In most cases, these platforms provide basic information to help you corroborate someone’s identity, though more detailed information is often available to paying users of the sites. 

After testing the various platforms based on key metrics, we determined that the best free people search site is That’s Them, though there are several options to consider. The key metrics we used we used were wealth of content, cost, and user experience. We have listed the best options below, all of which offer databases that can be queried using various forms of personal information

What do the best free people search sites offer?

For those trying to minimize spending and who only need access to the most basic data, the following free providers offer the perfect form of assistance. 

The best free people search sites put forth a platform that allows users to search based on variables like name and age, along with similar characteristics such as zip or postal code. Users are, however, limited to a certain number of searches each day.

Free use of these services also comes with limitations in terms of information access, and the providers listed will not include information about criminal convictions or finances. Most of the listed providers come with an option to pay for access to such information, though a dedicated premium provider should be a consideration for those with these sorts of requirements. 

What are the best free people search sites?

After testing, we determined that the best free people search site is That’s Them.

This is due to the amount of personal data a free search provides, as well as its ability to perform reverse searches based on email, Internet Protocol (IP), and vehicle identification number (VIN).

Whitepages, Zaba Search, TinEye, and Peek You are close competitors, offering a range of free search services that rank them among the top free people search sites available. 

Keep reading to find out which is best suited to your specific needs.

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Free people search siteSearch methodIncludes phone numbersIncludes social media profilesPremium plan available
That's ThemName, address, phone, email, IP, VIN
WhitepagesName, phone, address, business
Zaba SearchName, phone✔ (partial)
Peek YouName, social media username✔ (partial)

The best free people search sites available right now

The best allrounder - THAT’S THEM

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Can search by email, IP, and VIN Limited to 10 searches per day
Checks include address and phone numberRow 1 - Cell 1

Offering a range of tools for information discovery not included in the bulk of free people search sites, That’s Them is our number one recommendation for general people search requirements. The platform offers a number of features, including reverse lookup capabilities for basic information including phone number and IP address

These capabilities are free, a clear advantage for That’s Them as many people search sites place certain pieces of information behind paywalls. That’s Them is at a considerable advantage in this regard, offering users more for less compared to much of the competition. 

That’s Them also includes a paid plan as part of its collection of offerings. That’s Them offers a range of plans including a Lite, Advanced, Premium, and Pro offering, though all are priced at $19.95 a month. 

The best for phone numbers - WHITEPAGES

Whitepages' logo

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Can filter results by age and cityName checks don’t include contact details
Reverse address checks are in-depthReverse phone checks don’t include name or address
Reverse phone checks include spam riskRow 2 - Cell 1

Whitepages is widely known as a phone directory, but you can search by name and address as well as by phone number. 

Searching by someone’s name in Whitepages returns a list of individuals including their family members and the regions in which they have lived. This can be filtered by age or location. More detailed information, including full addresses and cell phone numbers, can only be accessed through a Whitepages premium plan which range from $5.99 to $32.99 (£4.76 to £26.22) per month depending on the level of detail required. Premium Business subscribers can conduct batch searches and filter by associates.


Premium plans are only available for customers based in the United States.

The best for quick searches - ZABA SEARCH

Zaba Search logo

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Can filter results by age and cityChecks don’t include past addresses
Checks include age and current addressOccasional ads
Unlimited free searchesRow 2 - Cell 1

Users can search for someone through either a reverse name or number search when using the Zaba Search platform. The results returned by Zaba include address, age, and the initial six numbers of a phone number. If different results are returned, Zaba Search includes a toolbar on the webpage that allows a user to filter based on age or city. This can be particularly handy when searching for a common name. 

By comparison, That’s Them reveals results that have a greater level of detail for free, including IP addresses, email addresses, and birthdays. That being said, Zaba Search is great for quickly verifying someone’s basic information. 

For a greater level of detail and information that includes contact details, previous locations, or social media profiles, a few different paid versions of Zaba Search are available. The platform’s ‘People Search’ plan is priced at $25.11 a month, while its ‘Reverse Phone Lookup and People Search’ and ‘Address Lookup and People Search’ plans are priced at $35.30 a month and $34.95 a month, respectively.

The best for image searches - TINEYE

TinEye's logo

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Great if you don’t have a name or phone numberChecks don’t include LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram
Can add image via upload or URLRequires visiting external websites to verify identities
Can filter results by websiteRow 2 - Cell 1

With TinEye, you add an image file or URL, and the site returns a list of websites that may contain that image. This can be a powerful tool if you don’t have a person’s name, phone number, or address. It’s also useful for checking that someone is who they say they are, which could come in useful for checking candidates for a job application or making sure someone’s profile picture isn’t stolen from another source.

A disadvantage of TinEye is that it can’t generally search photos across popular social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram. However, results can include other job platforms or blogging websites, which can help you verify basic information such as name, location, and profession.

Results can be filtered by website, which is useful when queried people have a significant online presence.

The best for social media searches - PEEK YOU

Peek You's logo

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Can search by online usernameFull address and contact details on premium plan only
Checks include age, city, and family membersChecks don’t include Facebook profiles
Checks include some social media profilesRow 2 - Cell 1

With Peek You, you get a summary of someone’s online presence when searching for their name or online username. Say, for example, you got an unpleasant reply from an anonymous profile on X (formerly Twitter). 

You can paste their username into the search bar, and Peek You will retrieve online profiles associated with that username.

Results can contain possible photos and links to Instagram and X profiles, as well as high-level identifiers including name, age, family members, and city of residence. 

Premium plans that provide advanced data, including contact details and arrest records, are available through affiliates including Truthfinder and BeenVerified.

Best free people search sites FAQs

There are a number of factors to consider when looking for the best free people search sites, depending on the questions one needs to answer or the specific pieces of information required. Users often ask:

What is the best site to search for a person for free?

Our top pick among the best free people search sites is That’s Them, which provides a more comprehensive range of information than its free competitors. Using That’s Them, users can even search for people without their name or phone number, using an email, IP address, or vehicle identification number. 

The results you get include full address, date of birth, and phone number.

Are people search websites illegal?

The people search sites listed here are all legal, as they store and present users with publicly-available information and commercial data. If in doubt, it’s always best to research a search company before using their services and reading reviews gauge whether their offering is the right one for you.

Are there any true free people search sites?

The people search sites in this guide are completely free, though some have a daily search limit. They may promote affiliate paid plans for advanced background reports, but the information provided via a free search is often sufficient for basic fact-checking.

The benefits of people search sites

  • Fact check someone

Whether you’re researching a potential employee or checking the legitimacy of a registered vehicle, a people search site can put you at ease by confirming someone’s location, phone number, or online presence.

  • Save time

A people search website with instant access to public records can save you hours or even days compared to manually researching via Google and social media or liaising with public institutions.

  • Have information in one place

Accessing someone’s public records on one platform is convenient, particularly when a provider aggregates personal information and social media data.

How we chose the best people search sites

When reviewing these people search sites, we looked at the array of features it offers and how user-friendly and effective it is at solving user problems. Additionally, we compared the provider’s pricing and plan structure with that of its competitors, thus establishing what type of customer the solution is best suited to.

The best free people search sites offer names, addresses, and phone numbers transparently and with no strings attached, with clear information about what’s included in their premium plans, and provide a quick, easy-to-use search platform.

Next steps with people search sites

Our breakdown of the best people search sites aims to compile the very best free and paid providers for people searching. For more detail on specific services, check out our PeopleFinders review and guide on TruthFinder.

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