The World Cup: Around the world in IT



Population: 36.2 million

Climate: Sub-arctic in the south and subtropical climate in the north

Economy: GDP is $584.4 billion and its major trading partners are the US, UK, Uruguay and Venezuela

Government: Federal Presidential Republic

Famous for: The Inca Empire, Tango dancing

Star Player: Hipertextual

Top IT industry: Science/Medicine

Major IT contributions: Modern fingerprinting was invented here by Juan Vucetich and Ral Pateras Pescara showed the first helicopter flight.



Population: 10.94 million

Climate: Mediterranean

Economy: GDP is 245 billion and its major trading partners are Germany, Italy, France, the UK and the US.

Government: Parliamentary Republic led by President Karolos Papoulias

Famous for: Olympics, Humus, Ancient Gods

Star Player: Wdesign

Top IT industry: Electric machinery

Major IT contributions: Ancient Greece was famed for its mathematical prowess which led to many of the scientific and technological discoveries of the day, from calculators to microprocessors.



Population: 144.7 million

Climate: Tropical

Economy: GDP is $147 billion and its major trading partners are the US, China, Brazil, the EU and the UK.

Government: Presidential Federal Republic

Famous for: Niger River, hosted first African MTV awards, Nollywood films

Star Player: Plat Technologies

Top IT industry: Telecoms

Major IT contributions: The country is widely thought to have the fastest growing telecoms sector in the world and has recently delved into space based communications with its own satellite.

South Korea

South Korea

Population: 48.7 million

Climate: Continental

Economy: GDP is $929.1 billion and its major trading partners are China, the US, the EU and Japan.

Government: Presidential Republic

Famous for: Electronics, cars, Taekwondo

Star Player: Samsung

Top IT industry: Mobile

Major IT contributions: There is a huge list to choose from in South Korea but we have to say mobile design and manufacturing as they changed the market forever.


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