The World Cup: Around the world in IT


Brazil flag

Population: 189.6 million

Climate: Varies from tropical in north, temperate in south.

Economy: GDP of $1.58 trillion, major trading partners include China, US, Argentina and Germany.

Government: Federal republic with President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

Famous for: Football, the Rio Carnival, beaches.

Star Player: TOTUS.

Top IT industry: Software and IT services.

Major IT contributions: Lua - a scripting language that's become the standard for games - was created in Brazil.

Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast

Population: 20,000,000

Climate: Tropical

Economy: GDP of $23.4 billion, major trading partners include France and the US.

Government: Presidential republic with president Laurent Gbagbo

Famous for: Didier Drogba, Comoe National Park

Star Player: Cote D'Ivoire Telecom

Top IT industry: Telecoms



Population: 10.6 million

Climate: Mediterranean

Economy: GDP of $243 billion, major trading partners include EU nations, the US and Brazil.

Government: Parliamentary democracy, with President Cavaco Silva.

Famous for: Figo, the Algarve, beaches.

Star Player: Novabase

Top IT industry: Software/telecoms

Major IT contributions: Known as a major supporter of solar power. The 46 MW Moura photovoltaic power station is one of the biggest of its kind in Europe.

North Korea

N Korea

Population: 23 million

Climate: Cool, continental

Economy: GDP CIA estimate of $40 billion

Government: Centralist one-party state led by Workers' Party of Korea. Kim Il Sung is the Eternal President, but Kim Jong Il is the de facto leader.

Famous for: Political problems over nuclear weapons, Kim Jong Il.

Star Player: Korea Computer Centre Sinhung Company software development group.

Top IT industry: Software

Major IT contributions: Nothing of mention at yet, although the nation is becoming increasingly involved in outsourcing, Nosotek being one notable firm in the country.


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