The World Cup: Around the world in IT



Population: 34 million

Climate: Mediterranean

Economy: GDP is $161.2 billion and its major trading partners are France, Italy, the US, Spain and Germany.

Government: Semi-presidential Republic led by President Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

Famous for: Fossil fuels, Jacques Derrida

Star Player: TBC

Top IT industry: Electronics

Major IT contributions: The country plays a large part in manufacturing electronics equipment to trade with its major partners.



Population: 51.4 million

Climate: Varied

Economy: GDP is $1.9 trillion and its major trading partners are the EU and US.

Government: Parliamentary Democracy led by Prime Minister David Cameron

Famous for: The Royal family, NHS, Fish n' chips

Star Player: BT

Top IT industry: Automobile

Major IT contributions: Englishman Sir Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web.


Slovenia flag

Population: 2.06 million

Climate: Varied

Economy: GDP is $54.6 billion.

Government: Representative and democratic. Prime Minister Borut Pahor heads up both government and state.

Famous for: Independence from Yugoslavia in 1991

Star player: Telekom Slovenije

Top IT industry: ISPs and communications the country has higher than average internet penetration

Major IT contributions: Logarithms were created by Baron Jurij Vega. Other great inventors from the country, according to the website, include physician Joef Stefan, flying pioneer Edvard Rusjan and rocket expert Herman Potonik Noordung.


US flag

Population: 307 million

Climate: Varied

Economy: GDP is $14.6 trillion

Government: Current president is Barrack Obama.

Famous for: Liberty, Hollywood, burgers

Star player: Microsoft

Top IT industry: Software

Major IT contributions: Creation of Silicon Valley, support for entrepreneurs and web start-ups


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