Samsung Wave review

The Samsung Wave is the first of Samsung’s Bada-based smartphones, but is it a real competitor to other platforms on the market? We review it to find out.

Samsung Wave smartphone

There's no document editing or viewing software onboard the Samsung Wave, and nothing yet available, which does leave it lagging behind the likes of Android and Apple.

The built-in Twitter and Facebook social networking apps are complicated to set up and equally complicated to use compared to those on Android, iPhone and BlackBerry. We found this quite disappointing as they're pretty simple applications anyway.

The Samsung Wave's browser is pretty impressive we'd say it's on a par with Opera for mobile.

Our review device was running on Vodafone so were given the choice of viewing web pages in a mobile friendly version or the full version. The mobile option offers slimmed-down version of websites that display as if the Samsung Wave is about five years old.

The Samsung Wave supports Flash, so websites including our sister site Know Your Mobile that utilise Flash, displayed perfectly. You can also pinch to zoom because the Wave supports multitouch.

If you press and hold text, you can copy the text to the clipboard, search for the highlighted term in Google or translate it.

The browser also allows you to open multiple pages and view them in a multiple window page that replicates Opera mobile.

Clare Hopping
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