Photos: Data centre at The Venetian in Las Vegas

The Venetian data centre

Las Vegas is more like an adult version of Disneyland rather than a city itself. But behind all the flashing lights, casinos and showgirls, a lot of technology makes sure everything runs like clockwork.

One of the strip's largest and most famous hotels is The Venetian, a slightly more classy affair than many of the other themed hotels, but with all you could ask for from a Las Vegas location.

During the HP Tech Forum IT PRO was given a sneaky peak behind the scenes of how the data centre functions, albeit with Dell, Sun Microsystems and IBM machines as well as HP's Proliant stacks.

Here are some of the photos from the impressive data centre with over 200 servers, fuelling thousands of gambling tables and slot machines.

The Venetian data centre

The corridors of power...

The Venetian data centre

A selection of the 200 servers on offer at the data centre.

The Venetian data centre

All about the storage...

The Venetian data centre - networking cables

Cables are plentiful in a data centre of this size.

The Venetian data centre - networking cables

Networking keeps the place on the move.

The Venetian data centre - Dell takes its place

Dell makes an appearance in the data centre.

The Venetian data centre - HP cases

These cases may say HP but had Sun Microsystem machines loitering inside.

The Venetian data centre - HP gets a look in

But just before we left HP made its presence known.

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