Oracle unveils new SPARC Supercluster

The SPARC T3-4 server

Oracle has announced a new family of servers, software, networking and storage equipment based around servers equipped with Sun SPARC processors.

The SPARC Supercluster includes almost everything you need to run Oracle's database software.

There will be a choice of T3-2, T3-4 or M5000 servers running the Solaris 10 operating system. This is significant as it will be one of the first major Oracle product launches involving hardware originally designed by Sun Microsystems, acquired by Oracle earlier this year.

The T3 range of servers are especially interesting since they are equipped with the latest 16-core 1.65GHz SPARC T3 processors and Oracle's integrated Lights Out Manager.

The T3-2 is a 3U system while the T3-4 is a 5U system. The T3-2 has two processors and supports a maximum of 256GB of RAM, whilst the larger T3-4 has either two or four processors and can accommodate up to 512GB of RAM.

Oracle chief executive, Larry Ellison, said: "The combination of Oracle's world-class software, and the latest hardware innovations represented by the new SPARC T3-based servers, runs Oracle database faster than anything ever before."

Also included in the Supercluster are Sun ZFS Storage 7420 servers and Sun Network ZFS InfiniBand Gateway Switches.

The SPARC Supercluster will be available next year.