Ofcom fines Continental Telecom £50,000


Ofcom has handed out a 50,000 fine to Continental Telecom.

The maximum penalty was dished out after the company failed to give the regulator all the information it required during an investigation into the mis-selling of landlines.

Ofcom asked for details of Continental Telecom's turnover back in

October so it would be able to decide how much to fine the company if the mis-selling accusations were found to be true.

However, the London-based company did not comply, despite a second request in November, plus the threat of fines and legal action. It now has until 14 January to pay up.

The initial investigation kicked off in February this year after a number of complaints from Continental Telecom's customers.

In June Ofcom claimed to have had "reasonable grounds" to believe the company had "used unacceptable sales tactics to get consumers to sign up to its deals, failed to tell customers of their right to cancel during the switchover process, abused the trust of vulnerable customers, including the elderly, people with special needs and those whose first language is not English and cut customers off for alleged non-payment of bills."

Ofcom gave the company notice in November to change its ways by the start of December or face a possible 10 per cent of revenue fine and/or court action. The regulator has yet to decide whether Continental Telecom has complied.

Jennifer Scott

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