Amazon Simple Email Service launched


Amazon Web Services (AWS) has launched a new bulk and transactional email service aimed at businesses and developers.

Through the offering, named the Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES), users will be able to send a significant number of messages without having to worry about ISP compliance issues and so ending up in spam folders.

"Amazon SES takes proactive steps to prevent questionable content from being sent, so that ISPs receive consistently high-quality email and therefore view the service as a trusted email origin," the company said.

"This maximises deliverability and dependability for all of our senders."

Amazon said its new service would help firms get around time consuming licensing and installing a third-party service, or maintaining an internally hosted email solution.

"Sending email through Amazon SES is as simple as calling a single API, and Amazon SES makes it easy for you to monitor your sending activity and deliverability statistics," the retail and services firm said.

Amazon EC2 users can send 2,000 messages for free every day, but outside of that mail messages have been priced at $0.10 per thousand.

Also included in the service is a built-in feedback loop, which will notify customers of bounce backs and spam complaints, as well as failed and successful delivery attempts.

Earlier this month, AWS revamped its cloud support offerings with some revised pricing and the new Bronze and Platinum packages.

Tom Brewster

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