Desktop OS tablets vs Mobile OS tablets

"Mobile operating systems offer an optimised viewing experience from the outset. They have been designed without the constraints of legacy input devices. One of the key benefits is power consumption (when designed well)," Coulson said.

"The disadvantage is that they are less flexible, software is less standardised and there are multiple standards."

He added: "Desktop operating systems are mature and offer less of a cultural shock to adopting users. They can offer fuller applications such as a full Microsoft Office experience, that is secure and protected."

This is why Viewsonic decided to produce a tablet which can dual boot both Windows and Android, according to Coulson. The company's Viewpad 10 is a 10in tablet device that can run Android 1.6 or Windows Home Premium to satisfy both markets.

"Specialist mobile operating systems can be tuned better can have instant on capabilities, tie the various aspects of mobility and productivity together and so on in a better manner than a general OS," Coulson said. "But the general operating systems are improving all the time."

Dell has produced both Android and Windows 7 tablets.

Ellen Murphy, the company's consumer PR manager for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), explained why the company has used both platforms and what role Dell sees tablets playing in the world of business going forward.

"Different devices have different usage models. A tablet is typically a 30-minute experience. People typically use a tablet while on the go for that quick-access internet experience," she said.

"For content creation and full office productivity such as spreadsheets, document and email typing, or photo and video editing, most customers continue to prefer to conduct such activities on a full-sized laptop or desktop."

"We see mobile devices such as tablets as companion devices, not desktop or laptop replacements," Murphy added.

Clare Hopping
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