Everything Everywhere revenues edge up


Everything Everywhere, the company created by the merger of Orange and T-Mobile, has revealed 1.6 per cent revenue growth, despite what the company describes as "challenging economic conditions."

In its report for the first financial quarter of 2011, the company also claimed it increased its customer base by 160,000 post-paid customers as part of a strategy to "migrate prepaid customers to higher-value contract propositions," bringing its total customer count to 27.7 million.

Tom Alexander, chief executive (CEO) of Everything Everywhere, said: "Since announcing our strategy just six months ago, we are progressing well and have significant momentum, specifically through our creation of the UK's first super-network."

"We remain fully confident of achieving our commercial and financial ambitions."

Alexander said the outlook going forward for the company was good.

"The proportion of contract customers against pre-paid is up from 41 per cent last year to 45 per cent at the end of the quarter," he added.

Everything Everywhere claimed the year-on-year growth was due to an increased contract customer base in both the Orange and T-Mobile brands. The company also reported progress had been made in integrating the two businesses and plans were ahead of schedule.

Its 2G network coverage has now been extended to over 15 million customers in the first quarter and plans for 3G to follow are in the making.

Alexander gave some indication of how Everything Everywhere's strategy would continue on the back of this success, adding: "As the industry and market dynamics evolve, our customer marketing will be increasingly characterised by retention and improving customer loyalty."