The top five features we want to see in iOS 5

Useful and sophisticated Bluetooth features

Unless you use a Bluetooth headset, it's likely Bluetooth remains off on your iPhone. Bluetooth can be used for much more than hands-free headsets though and we hope Apple makes better use of this short-range wireless technology in iOS 5.

The Bluetooth logo

Apple is no stranger to advanced Bluetooth features. Users of Bluetooth-equipped feature phones paired with older versions of MacOS X could text and dial using Apple's Address Book application and their full-size keyboards, rather than fiddling about with a small keypad.

Third-party developers took this even further. The Salling Clicker program allowed you to use your feature phone as a remote control for iTunes, PowerPoint and other programs. This has since been replicated in plenty of remote control apps, but that wasn't Salling Clicker's only trick. If you wandered out of Bluetooth range of your computer with your phone, iTunes would pause playback and the status message in the iChat IM program would change from available to away.

It's this sort of clever stuff and attention to detail which we hope Apple will add to iOS 5. We'll find out soon enough on June 6th when Steve Jobs delivers his keynote address at the WWDC. What would you like to see in iOS 5? Let us know in the comments.