The top five features we want to see in iOS 5

Accessible file system and smoother file handling

Unlike Android, the iOS file system isn't user accessible despite the fact it's based on Apple's desktop operating system, MacOS X. Any files used by apps are stored within the app itself, so the developer has to come up with their own file manager. Files can be exchanged between apps by tapping the Share/Open in button which then shows options for opening that file in another app.

Sharing files between apps in iOS 4

Sharing files between apps is quite clunky at the moment. There has to be a better way.

Getting files onto an iPhone in the first place isn't straightforward either. You have to either email files to yourself or drag and drop files onto your iPhone using iTunes over a USB connection. Alternatively, you could use an online storage app, such as Dropbox, but this might not be ideal for your business or your favourite apps might not support it. Plus, this gets tedious very quickly if you're collaborating on documents shared with others.

We wouldn't expect Apple to open up the file system completely, but surely there has to be a better way. Speaking of the cloud