Week in Review: Fake Apple Stores, Lion roars

Week in Review

We can't remember a week when Steve Jobs' firm wasn't in the headlines, but the past few days have been so full of Apple we feel as disorientated as a West Country farmer who's injected himself with Old Scrumpy.

Amidst reports of fake Apple Stores popping up in China (are the stories true? Are they just legitimate resellers? Does anyone really care that much?), the iPhone creator has had a hugely busy week, as the fruity firm unleashed its Lion upon the world. Will the OS get decent business adoption though?

The company also produced some startling results, beating everyone's expectations (again) with iPhone sales soaring (again).

Nokia must be looking a little rouge and not just because of all the sauna time the Finnish firm is known for. It posted fairly dire results, even worse than analysts had predicted.

New buddy Microsoft can keep smiling though just about. The company reported some positive results, with servers and Office producing a record quarter for the Redmond giant. Of course, its online services unit continued to give the world the finest example of how to leak money up the wall. The unit has now lost almost $6.5 billion in the last three fiscal years.

The spy who lagged me

Elsewhere, our readers have been particularly interested in the Government's decision to share secret documents over the cloud. What about lag? What about security? Why is everyone in a Huddle?!

Talking of secret documents, Anonymous was on the war path again this week, stealing and then posting files it claimed contained restricted NATO data. Hacktivists also hit Pfizer's Facebook page and The Sun newspaper.

Apparently something is going down over at News International that has piqued their interest. Watch this space

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