Windows Phone 7 final Mango build leaked

Microsoft Windows Mango

The final version of Windows Phone 7 Mango has appeared online and is readily available to anyone - providing you have the technical know-how to install it.

With a supposed release date of 1 September looming, it really isn't long until you can get your hands on the official version of the software, but that hasn't stopped the leaked 7720 Mango build from doing the rounds.

To get this 7.5 update, you need to have the NoDo 7392 build or either the Mango 7661 or the Mango Developer Beta 7712 builds installed on your phone. You then need to follow a lengthy set of instructions and voila, 500 new features for you to enjoy before the official release.

Initial impressions of Mango are good. It's even more fluid and simple to use but now has the features to give rival operating systems a run for their money. Barcode scanning, multitasking, improved search, threads, Twitter integration and a whole lot more really bring the platform to life.

There's also HTML5 support in the new Internet Explorer 9 browser and apps will feed directly into Bing searches. For instance, search for a film and the IMDB app will pop up as a suggested download.

As with any unofficial update, users walk the walk at your own risk. Updating to 7.5 may prevent you from getting future official updates and worse still, it could brick your phone.

Take a look at the video below, courtesy of sister title Know Your Mobile, to see Mango in action.