Amazon expected to unveil tablet on Wednesday


Amazon is rumoured to introduce its much-anticipated Kindle Tablet this week.

In a media event held in New York City on 28 September, the long awaited tablet will be unveiled, according to reports.

"Wednesday is tablet day," analyst Colin Gillis told Reuters.

Tech Crunch said the tablet will be a seven-inch device with full colour - possibly to directly challenge Barnes & Nobles' Nook Colour - and a touchscreen.

The device is reportedly built on a highly modified version of Google's Android 2.1, meaning it won't be a typical Android tablet.

Amazon's tablet is rumoured to cost well below the price of the least expensive iPad, potentially making it a strong competitor for Apple considering Kindle's popularity combined with the movie and music services Amazon sells.

Several vendors have introduced tablets that have sold poorly, yet Robert Baird & Co analyst Colin Sebastian referred to Amazon's new tablet as a "game changer" for the industry.

Some believe the Kindle Tablet will become the leading device on the Android platform, stomping out the other less expensive tablets based on the Google OS.

Sebastian forecasted the device to sell three million units in its first year, compared to the 29 million that Apple's iPad has sold since its launch in April 2010.

Here's what we'd like to see from the Amazon Tablet.