ViewSonic PJD6553w review

With its 3,500-lumen brightness, a widescreen resolution, network management facilities and 3D support, ViewSonic has packed some impressive specs into this low-cost, versatile projector. Ben Pitt investigates whether more really is better.

The web remote interface for the ViewSonic PJD6553w

IT staff will appreciate remote control over a LAN using Creston e-control and RoomView Express web-based interfaces.

The projector somehow managed to crash while displaying one of its built-in test pattern images as we switched to Eco mode. The only way to regain control was to unplug it at the mains, which isn't great for the lamp. We couldn't get it to repeat the problem, though, so we'll put it down to a freak occurrence.

Otherwise, the PJD6553w was straightforward in operation, displaying a usable image within 10 seconds of powering up, and taking just five seconds to power down. The OSD was easy to navigate via the remote control or the buttons on the top of the projector. It includes all the usual features, plus detailed control over the RGB colour channels and the ability to adjust colours for projecting on a blackboard, whiteboard or green surface. It also supports 3D sync for use with DLP Link-compatible glasses. This projector is a decent choice for 3D films and gaming with its wide aspect ratio and bright image the latter compensates for the fact that 3D glasses halve the amount of light reaching each eye.