Ticketmaster admits TicketWeb hit by hackers


Ticketmaster today admitted its subsidiary TicketWeb was hacked, but claimed no personal info on customers had been taken.

Unauthorised access to the TicketWeb direct email marketing system was compromised, as customers received as many as four emails on 11 February sent from the hackers.

It formed part of a phishing campaign, as the emails featured a subject of "Action Required" and contained a link pointing customers to a third party website where they were asked for information.

"Customers who may have entered card details upon following the link have been advised to contact their card issuer immediately for advice in respect of the best course of action to take in their particular circumstances," a Ticketmaster spokesperson said.

"TicketWeb UK took immediate action and shut down the vulnerability and contacted our customers. No sensitive personal information or credit card information was vulnerable directly from the TicketWeb UK direct email marketing system during this incident. We sincerely regret any concern that may have been caused."

Ticketmaster said it was to inform the Information Commissioner's Office in relation to the hack.

TicketWeb pointed to a link where affected customers could pose questions to the support team.

This year has kicked off with a plethora of hacks on prominent organisations. Earlier this month, hacktivist collective Anonymous revealed it had managed to listen in on a conversation between the FBI and the Metropolitan Police Service.

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